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Friday, 7 February 2014 @ 09:57
Skincare Junkies: To use or not to use?
Was alerted by Facebook(awww!Facebook kasi info lagi cepat dari newspaper!) that HSA alerted members of the public about Han's Skin Care Cosmetics Product that were found to contain undeclared potent ingredient.

Eh, why do I feel that this incident is very expected? Uhhh, I know because there's so many unhappiness or 'create awareness' spreading online about Han's Skin Care. If you're an active FB user yourself, you confirm lah mesti pernah bace all the drama(s). Mane yang maki sane sini, mane yang pakai name 'Allah' stakat nak tunjuk baik diri dia, and many many more.

And guess what, I wasn't being left out! I know right? Biar betul orang-orang nie! Just because I recently blog on my PERSONAL review on Han's Skin Care and what good this product has done on me, I had people e-mailing/inbox/messaging me this and that. Just because that post of mine went viral, many came telling me "WHY DO I BLOG ON THINGS THAT ARE NOT TRUE?"

Eh chill lah people~

Since when i blog on things that are not true? The pictures you see on this blog, is ME. The changes you see in the photos happens to MY skin. I did state that I had peelings for 3 weeks. I experience the pain on the 4th day when i put on the tonner but it lasted for less than 2 minutes. I also state that i had flushy red cheek during this process due to the peeling. Part mane lah pulak blog I tipu orang eh? You saw with your own eyes, my pictures are my proof.

Let me just ask those of you who are reading my blog - how many of you out there is a Han's Skin Care user yourself, like me? How many of you nampak the positive changes in your skin condition? I believe there's more than my fingers can count! I believe many of you out there are very much appalled by this unbelievable news. Chins up my dear, don't be affected. Look around you, look at those who are using the 'next-in-thing-product' ade ke anyone yang really show their face, stakat type-type aje, anyone can type their review on their 'flawless' journey BUT look at the skincare that you're using so many people are happy that they nak show-off the positive changes that they've seen. People are reviewing it with photos and words, which is the total opposite of the 'next-in-thing' product.

 HSA was alerted to these products after receiving feedback from consumers who were concerned about the safety of Han's Skin Care Products which were sold online. 

 Uhhhh: Please tell me someone can read in between the lines.

HSA's investigations are still ongoing.

So in this statement: It states very clearly that investigations are still ongoing, they never mention anything with regards to Han's Skin Care being banned.Well, people might as it depends on how you interpret this message. Ohhhh ye ke.. If police say investigation is still ongoing does that mean the person that is in custody is the culprit? No right? Uh same lah ni.. As long as they never release an official statement of this product being banned in Singapore like Esther and Tabitha, selagi tuh lah many people will still believe in this product.

And anyway, whichever whitening products also will contain mercury. If you read in the news, they did not mentioned if the mercury level is high. They used a very simple term as "harmful" ingredients. I don't see any wrong in this, it's totally up to the individual to use it.

I seriously cannot tahan all this drama about Wonderglow Vs Han's Skin Care. Seriously. It's like kalau this product have mouth dia mesti cakap "Eh korang, nak pakai, korang pakai, tak nak pakai, dah sudah. Takmo susah-susahkan orang lain!" hehehe, i bet korang pon rase same kan kan kan...

Speaking of this Wonderglow, I've nothing against this product or anything against their agent, But it would be great if someone explain this to me, a lab test that was done and look at the amount of mercury this product has. The test was done on 3rd of December 2013, which is about a month or so?

and after that please clarify with me if I'm wrong, Is the man below, the owner of Wonderglow?

Translation: Esther is also our product that i being distributed in other country with a different quality. There's no real issue here, actually.

EHHHH! Wait! What... Esther? Bace balik eh.. Eh betol lah! Esther! Isn't Esther a product that was banned in Singapore late last year.

This is how Esther Bleaching cream looks like:

So paham eh. I've also come across photos of people ripping off Wonderglow packaging tadaaaa, it was just a repacking, stakat tampal sticker over.

When that photo went viral - Wonderglow suddenly came out with a new packaging which looks like this:

So yah, you be the judge. See this and evaluate yourself.
Sebab I'm very tired having to answer people's email with regards to this Han's Skin Care Vs WonderGlow.

And bagi sape-sape yang macam tak tau adat dan adap, message i maki-maki, dengan takda cara, Sorry eh, I tak layan your email or messages. Takde makna nak layan orang yang kurang adat sopan nya. Tatasusila tuh mesti jage, itukan harga jati diri seseorang. So paham eh?

I'm not saying that Han's Skin Care won't be banned, the probability of it being ban in Singapore is kinda high since there's so many people wants this product down. I'm not losing hope on this product being approved by HSA after further investigation.

But like I say before It's okay, those of you who are using Han's, continue using it, because I am not going to stop this wonderful product for myself. Hands down, Han's Skin Care is the best facial product that I've used. Period.

Till Then,

Ps: This post confirm viral lagi, tengok je lah!

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Thursday, 6 February 2014 @ 10:19
Bride-to-be Alert: Fluffbakery Cupcakes

I didn't know that my previous post on Han's Skin Care went viral. I had more than 2000 people reading that post itself within 1 day! That's crazy! I'm pretty sure all of you users are very much interested to know my skincare update - And walaaaaah~ I will update from time to time on my skincare journey with Han's Skin Care, I promise.

Many came asking me this and that about the product, is it true that this product does wonders - Well my answer for that is, different product have different wonders but this product does MAGIC on my skin. It is suitable for both genders, so for those guys out there if you happen to be reading my blog too, join in the journey to a healthier skin. As simple as a clear skin canvas looks a lot better than having pimples and oily skin right? 

So if you want to try this product, you want to feel confident with yourself, you rimas with all those makeup on your face, sick and tired of the horrible pimple popping suke-suke they want to appear:

E-mail me at oh.purplefrosting@gmail.com

I will be more than happy to explain an in-depth details of the product.

Okay enough of that for now ...

So look at the title again: Bride to be alert - FLUFFBAKERY CUPCAKES!

Uhhh, those babies - who doesn't know of them. If you don't you prolly tinggal dalam cave of something. They are extremely popular that queues are form even before they open the shop. Gile-gile!

What's so nice about these cupcakes? What makes them different from other cupcakes branding?

Good question! Firstly they are HALAL - very important! Secondly they are creative with their flavours. To be honest, ANYONE can bake Nutella Red Velvet cupcakes or Salted Caramel Cupcakes but korang try uh google Ondeh-ondeh cupcakes or Mango Stick Rice cupcakes - ade ke receipe dia on internet? Takde kan! That's what make them SUPER SPECIAL, nie bukan special lagi, nie dah SUPER SPECIAL!

Okay recently I heard, TAK TAO IF BETOL OR NOT, that they are taking order for lucky-bride to be of 2014 - they'll be baking for those lucky bride (JEALOUS!) and as I was browsing through Instagram I saw this:

"... It will be the first time Fluff Bakery will be taking wedding cake orders and we will be doing so ONLY via the event."

OH MY GOD, LUCKY BRIDE! TAK SUKE LAAAAHHH. Please invite me to your wedding so that I can a slice of the wedding cake.


2015 BRIDES PLEASE READ THIS - Ehem(like me!) so that's a plus point!
Let's all stalk their instagram(they have like 21k followers) and send in our request once they open up this slot to the 2015 brides! I'm pretty sure they'll open up the slot pretty soon, but I'm not too sure when. But if they do, Brides-to-Be of 2015, please please please send in your request because having them to bake your wedding cake means a lot! Like A lot! Best of luck to everysingle one of you *sending flying kisses*

Anyhoots, I was on MC today, no not an excuse not to attend work, but I was sick. I think tengah musim. Lost my voice on tuesday and till today(sadly) maseh belom baik. Tune ade lari.

I saw that they're having Horlick cupcakes today as one of the flavours, wasted no time. Showered and off to their shop. Reached Fluffbakery at about 12.20pm? The Q was expected. Dah macam ular, punyalah panjang. They issued out Q-no. in order to serve us better which I think is pretty efficient coz' people without the Q-no. are not allowed to order. BAGUS KALAU TAK KAN, BANYAK YANG PLAYCHEAT, TAK SUKE!

and so my queue number was......

Waited for about 30 minutes before it was my turn. I ordered 6 Horlicks Cupcakes, 3 Nutella Red Velvet and 3 Salted Caramel - let me clarify, I wasn't being greedy! These are shared with my siblings and the pregnant sister was having her craving, like usual.

The person who served me got my order wrong initially she packed 6 red velvet instead of 6 horlicks - didn't blame her, maybe she can't hear me clearly since my voice is too husky still. Plus she was friendly, so yah, and I'm not a fussy customer, I just want my cupcakes. Heh!

Chopchopchop! Travelled back to my pregnant sister's house and had to wait bawah block for 20 minutes coz' she went to fetch her daughter from school. While waiting - I SWEAR the cupcakes was calling me. They went something like 
"Eat me, Fill your tummy! Eat me! Eat me!"

Urggghh! Tak boleh tahan! The smell was crazy good that I just had to.....get that first bite! It's been ages tao tak tunggu kan this Horlicks flavour to come. Actually, they should make this permanent because the Nutella Red Velvet is too mainstream already, sadly that's the truth.


So yah, if this picture tempt you, for those who never tried them before. Please be kiasu and start queuing up tomorrow at 11am. There's a limit of 12 cupcakes per person. Okay pe, 2 kotak tuh!

And so that's the end of this wonderful cupcake story, the moment i stepped into my pregnant sister home, I ate the second one. HAH! Puas hati beta! 

So before i knock out, sebab mata nie dah tak boleh tahan, Let me just show you something. A good comparison between Day 1 with Han's Skin Care and Day 24 with Han's Skin Care

So how, ready to embark the flawless and healthy skin with me my dearest BTB and the rest of my readers?

I've just received the superwhite glitter just now, and currently using it while typing this post. I'll do a review on this when I see the results, lets say in a week or so? So check this space again especially my dearest Brides-To-Be!

Till then!

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014 @ 03:56
Skincare Junkies: Hans Skin Care is HSA Approved
Hola, It's been a long long time since I last updated this blog. Ahhhhhh... This topic memang kena diblogkan because currently I am on my 3rd week to a flawless skincare journey with Hans Skin Care

First and foremost, This product is from Malaysia.

I don't deny that this 3 weeks are extremely difficult. I started to panic big time when I heard rumors about this product actually contains mercury. Ade lah yang cakap this product is a re-branding of Tabitha - I bet many of you heard of this brand before, it's illegal in Singapore and it's not approved by HSA due to the ingredients used, and yes this Tabitha product have mercury.

So whoever have been badmouthing on this product, I suggest you guys go put your product for test first. Prove to us(Hans Skin Care) users that ________________________ isn't a rebranding of Esther, another cosmetic that was banned by HSA late last year.

Okay enough of that, Let me share with you my journey:

Actually I was pretty skeptical when i first wanting to try Han's Skin Care - firstly because I'm not really a beauty-freak person. My facial wash can be brought over the counter-top. Secondly, my face needs to use HALAL facial wash, jangan tanya kenape, i pon tk tau! Coz if i happen to use products like Nivea or Garnier(btol tak spelling nie?) I tend to have like crazy, I repeat - crazy breakout! Thirdly, makeup does the trick for me. Any blemishes can be concealed with makeup - but the question is SAMPAI BILA?

Sampai bila kah aku harus menanti~
Sampai bila kah aku  harus menangis~
Sampai bilakah aku harus menanti dirimu~
Sampai bilakah cinta kita begini~

Okay-okay, That song just came into my head when i typed the work Sampai bila. Who knows that song? Sampai bila by Lela. Legend peeee~ Sape yang tak tau go youtube now and try dengar, confirm tau nya lah, yang adik-adik tuh.. ermmmm not too sure lah kan. Heh.

CHOPPPP! Back to the main topic. Han's Skin Care - They comes in 2 packaging:

  • Exclusive Set
  • Medium Set

What is so good about this Han's Skin Care? Actually the benefit banyak - but I'll  list down a few of the things/changes I see on myself when i started my journey with Han's Skin Care. 


LEFT - The first day when i begin my journey with Hans Skin Care.
RIGHT - Week 1 in my journey with Hans Skin Care

Okay as you can see my face on the first day was pretty horrible. You can see uneven skin tone, open pores, white head and there's like a line of black-black thing on the nose bridge (NO, NOT THE MOLE) , My dark eye circle was the most obvious one. I remember clearly when I came to work with this bare look, my colleagues and students thought I was sick. My student thought i look weird without make-up. Sedih pe dengar.

And so days passed by - on the 4th day I started having peels underneath my eyes, cheek and everywhere. It was sakit okay at first. BUT the sakit last only 2 mins when you apply the toner. The peeling macam sunburn aje.

Week 1 - Uhhhhh! See how much the skin have cleared? The dark circle underneath the eyes cleared pretty fast eh? You can see that the cheeks is slightly flushy now. The nose tkmo cakap lah, the condition really improve! 

Week 2 (refering to the bigger picture) - Condition keeps on improving but I'm still having peeling around my mouth. This is because the skin around our mouth is much more thicker. So it will take a longer time to peel. During this week, I was having my menses and ZERO pimple pop up. I couldn't contain my excitement. I should also thank my seller (Ohwellitsbelle Lamode) and (Norah Fyanda) for their constant reviews on facebook and updates on how i should not panic if there's peeling. That it's okay, it's part of the whole process. That really keeps me motivated.

Week 3 (refering to the Green T-shirt) - Was taken today. What do you think. Huge difference from day 1? Uhhhh I told you that Hans Skin Care is a miracle. There isn't any makeup or powder on the face. The face was totally bare! Can see that the skin is waaaaaaaaayyyy healthier than it was previously.

I'm going to continue this going bare face till my wedding day. 

To all BTB - Kalau nak flawless skin, try Hans Skin Care but remember if you're allergic to Placenta please avoid this product. Hans Skin Care uses Sheep Placenta(HALAL). Jangan cakap I tak bilang ehhhh.

I'm not an agent of Han's Skin Care but I'm a user myself. I'm very much satisfied with the changes that I've seen on myself. This post is my personal review on this awesome product.

Till then!

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Monday, 3 February 2014 @ 09:04
A place called home - Our upcoming BTO home

This good news comes after our engagement. At first, our ballot number exceeded but thanks to the ethnic quota, we managed to selit-selit and dapat lah invitation to this exercise.

Now that we are a few weeks away from the invitation date, I've been logging-in into HDB website and check out the availability status like. Alhamdulilah, so far the block and unit that we are looking at semua masih available, which hopefully it stays as it is till our selection date. Amin.

So biasa lah - I memang excited/kiasu, oh well, korang nanti dah ade rumah or apply for one, you mesti paham what I mean. You tend to check out a lot of things, including a site visit - padahal you know that place baru aje nak start korek-korek. 

 These are some of the 3D model available at the showroom. The painting a little bit tak cantik lah - not my kind of colour but takpe lah, every 5 years, ade orang will re-paint the whole flat mah~

My main priority when it comes to buying a flat boils down to 3 factors:
1) Is it accessible to my family members? Senang carik ke tak?
2) Is it near a shop or any amenities?
3) Will there be any school in time to come for my child, insyallah.

According to my survey, it's about 10 minutes walk to Khatib MRT station which means it's not that far. There's a bus stop right infront of the block with feder bus service - which i forsee myself NOT taking if i had to squeeze myself in between, especially during the peak period. I rather walk and burn fats, Chey! macam paham. Ade chance laki yang kena hantar. Oh sayaaaaaaannng~

Besides these 3D models, I'm kinda excited when i see the Non-optional Components that was offered. The colour macam cantik gitu - kinda suit the theme that fiance and I are going for. Macam tau aje HDB ni.

and the optional components that was offered - errrmm, okay lah not bad jugak lah the colour.

I've yet to do calculation which fiance on the payment breakdown. Eversince we're engaged, our weekends are spent by talking about the wedding preparation and the BTO house appointment. The Dos and Dont's.
Debating whether I should be working after getting pregnant, insyallah. Ikut kan hati sape nak keje oi, tapi kalau tak keje, macam mane nak bayar rumah kan? 

So BTB yang dah apply rumah, how is your preparation like? Ade anyone of you also applying in Yishun?

Our plan after the wedding is that we will be leaving with my parents for about a year or so before we move out to our own place. My parents, as usual, lagi lah suke since he is around. My currently bedroom will prolly be the size of my masterbed room in my own home. I will kinda get use to the idea that somehow, someday I will have to leave this spacious house of mine and live in a tiny winy pigeon-hole like flats.

As simple as my current house (belongs to the parents lah kan) square feet is bigger than the 3 Generation flat that the government tgh sebok popularkan. Seriously? But on the other hand, I'm thankful that insyallah someday I will have a roof over my head, my own.

Till then.

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